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The result was the Model R, and its height allowed it to illuminate the pages of a reader’s favorite Mark Twain novel. The lamp is fueled by gasoline and pressured with an external hand pump; the unit took several seconds to light. Manufactured for seven years, fewer than 20, Model Rs were shipped, and the glass shade has become especially rare. This is an original shade, and the lamp was made circa A previous owner stripped the plating to reveal the brass material underneath. The lamp is presumably from It has a single burner that produces candlepower and a tank that holds a half-gallon of gasoline. It too has candlepower and holds a half-gallon of gasoline, but has a much different fount, which is smaller and rounder.

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Our Online Catalog displays a choice selection of antiques for sale, usually American in origin. Young, Old Hickory Adirondack and Roycroft amongst others. We also offer early electric, gas, and kerosene lighting including chandeliers, wall sconces, floor lamps, and table lamps; and numerous decorative art metal and pottery pieces.

Oil lamps are a form of lighting, and were used as an alternative to candles before the use of electric lights. Starting in , the Argand lamp quickly replaced other oil lamps still in their basic ancient form. These in turn were replaced by the kerosene lamp in about

We are the exclusive importer and distributor for the U. Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to offer many items that are exclusive to our line that won’t be found elsewhere. We also maintain an ever changing inventory of old stock replacement lantern parts and lantern globes for Dietz, Adlake, Handlan, C. Ham, Embury, Paull’s Leader, Regal and several other lantern manufacturers. If there is something special you are looking for that you cannot find, or if you just have a lantern question, visit our ” About Us ” to view the various ways to contact us.

Shipping charges are calculated in real time during checkout. Shipment method choices include: Mail and International Air Mail. The preferred method for shipments to Canada and other countries is U. Rush orders should be placed by calling our toll free order line: We do not appraise items. We do not sell or share customer information.

We do not ship lamp oil outside of the 48 Continental United States.

How to Identify Antique Hurricane Lamps

The production of contemporary art pottery by Van Briggle as well as the fact that the company did not maintain great consistency in its bottom markings can make it difficult for novice Van Briggle collectors to determine accurate dates of production. With a basic knowledge of clay color and texture and bottom markings, approximate dating of Van Briggle Pottery can easily be determined.

Since the majority of collectors are interested in dating early examples of Van Briggle this discussion will focus on dating examples from the s and earlier. Van Briggle Pottery from to Van Briggle Pottery produced between and early was typically clearly dated. Marks typically seen on pottery from this time period usually include the logo, Van Briggle, date, shape number and a Roman numeral. Typical Roman numeral marks for Van Briggle include:

In this interview, Dan Edminster discusses antique oil lamps and glass lampshades (and their manufacturers), and gives advice to novice collectors. Based in Hurleyville, New York, Dan and can be reached through his site, The Lampworks, which is a member of our Hall of Fame.

I have an antique belt buckle made in the s how can I find out what it’s worth? You can find out the value of your antique belt buckle after you identify what kind of buckle you have. Remember that an older book will not tell you what the item is worth today. Once you identify what you have, you can check online auction sites to see the sold prices.

If it is a military buckle, there are several sites dedicated to antique militaria. I have a piece of linen that was created by my great, great grandmother. She grew and processed the road herself, using two different methods to create two different colors of threads before weaving it into a pattern. How would I go about discovering its value? The value of a piece of old hand made linen can vary depending on who is looking and can change quickly. A sudden market can be created by a celebrity, a popular TV show, or magazine article.

Educate yourself with books on antique textiles. Look for similar items at online auctions. Notice the sold price not the asking price. Look for vintage textile shows, on websites, at at dealers who specialize in antique textiles.

List of Vintage Lamp Manufacturers

Reproductions of the Rose Bouquet plus three other styles are now being imported from China. The other styles include hummingbird, butterfly and floral shades. Available since , new Puffy shades are frequently confused with old and commonly paired up with genuinely old bases.

Item Details. A giant collection if vintage table and floor lamps dating from the ’s to the early ’s, ranging in sizes from 16 to inches tall, including a double armed ’s Lucite lamp, an early 20th century glass globe lamp, a ’s mid century modern white torchiere and more.

Description and History of Oil Lamps Roman Oil Lamps Defined A lamp is a device that holds and burns fuel, typically oil, as a means of producing light. Although oil lamps have taken on a variety of shapes and sizes throughout history, the basic required components are a wick, fuel, a reservoir for fuel, and an air supply to maintain a flame. Diagram of oil lamp features Westenholz, History Some of the earliest lamps, dating to the Upper Paleolithic, were stones with depressions in which animal fats were likely burned as a source of light.

Shells, such as conch or oyster, were also employed as lamps, and even may have served as the prototype for early lamp forms. Initially, they took the form of a saucer with a floating wick. Soon after, these saucers began to develop a pinched or folded rim which resulted in a nozzle and served the purpose of holding the wick in place, thus controlling the flame as well as the smoke. As they evolved, clay lamps became more enclosed, moving from a pinched nozzle to a bridged nozzle, and sporting the addition of a rim.

These changes aided in reducing the amount of oil lost through spillage. Lamps also began to show signs of experimentation with changes in overall body shape and the addition of multiple nozzles, a handle, and clay slips, a coating that was applied to the outside of clay lamps during production in an effort to prevent oil from seeping through the porous clay.

These technological advances have been accredited to the Greeks, whose lamps were exported all over the Mediterranean between the sixth and fourth centuries BC due to their high quality of craftsmanship.

How to identify vintage Zippo lighters and celebrate their 80th anniversary in 2012

Old and New Burners Miniature glass oil-burning lamps were popular from the last quarter of the 19th century through the first quarter of the 20th century, ca. There is some debate over the exact use of miniature lamps. Collectors often use the names courting lamps, night lights, children’s lamps or toy lamps depending on what purpose they believe the original lamps served. Regardless of original use, miniature lamps are a popular collectible in high demand.

Part of this demand has been met with reproductions.

GLASSWARE PATTERN INDEX Last Update ~ October ALACITE G Table Lamp by Aladdin Lamp Aladdin Lamp Co. ALARIC (OMN) by Bryce Higbee ALASKA by Northwood ALBA by Dithridge and Co VINTAGE aka Grape aka Paneled Grape by Anchor Hocking VINTAGE .

How to date Kosta Boda glass – date codes, series and designer signatures. Dating Kosta Glass Art glass pieces by Kosta are usually signed. However, most production glass is not signed, even if the design comes from a renown designer or artist. There was no uniform way of signing different pieces or series. This difference with Orrefors in the way items are signed and dated can be explained by the different approaches and types of partnerships that the two glassworks had with their artists.

Whereas Orrefors usually had a long relationship with their artists and designers, Kosta frequently invited artists to work with them only for a short time. Notable exception is Elis Berg, who worked for Kosta from to When Lindstrand started to work with Kosta, he implemented a more or less uniform way of signing and dating all pieces of work, much like it was the practice at Orrefors. The information about signatures and date codes for Kosta Boda glass is sketchy to say the least, since even the company archives only have scant information on this subject.

This obviously makes decoding Kosta Boda glass even more trickier. This page tries to give an overview of all date codes, series codes and signatures that should allow dating most of Kosta Boda’s glass.

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John Hogan First of all we have to ask ourselves the question what age qualifies an antique. Technically an item regardless of what it is qualifies as an antique if it is one hundred years old or older. Certain countries only consider items to be antiques when they are well over one hundred years old. This somewhat depends on how staunch the collector and or dealer is.

Maybe the dealer is almost as old as the antique which he is selling. Remember many antique dealers actually die in the business because it has been a life-long vocation for them.

Made in UK, dating from around late ‘s / ‘s. Has the original brass ferrule and twin burner. Dimensions: 13cm Diameter x 49cm Height. Will be packed proficiently and posted within 2 days of purchase. Please see my oil lamps & other vintage items for sale in my shop.

Double-nozzled terracotta oil lamp found in Samaria The following are the main external parts of a terra-cotta lamp: Shoulder Pouring hole The hole through which fuel is put inside the fuel chamber. The width ranges from 0. There may be single or multiple holes. Wick hole, and the nozzle. It may be just an opening in the body of the lamp, or an elongated nozzle. In some specific types of lamps, there is a groove on the superior aspect of the nozzle that runs along to the pouring hole to re-collect the oozing oil from the wick.

Handle Lamps can come with or without a handle. The handle can come in different shapes. The most common is a ring shaped for the forefinger surmounted by a palmette , on which the thumb is pressed to stabilize the lamp. Other handles can be crescent shaped, triangular, or semi-ovalular. The handleless lamps usually have an elongated nozzle, and sometimes have a lug rising diagonally from the periphery.

The lug may act as a small handle where the thumb rests. Some lugs are pierced.

Kerosene Glass Lamps – Separating New from Old

The overall design look of this TV lamp is truly outstanding, and we love the horse theme and the action oriented gallop pose that is captured in the ceramic. This lamp looks as good with the light on as the light off, and by the way the light bulb is in the back so the soft, ambient lighting shines through from the rear of the lamp and puts the black horse in front in silhouette. The material backing has the loosely woven look of linen on the bottom, with a slight green tent, while the upper fabric provides a canopy that gives the lamp a 3 dimensional look.

Page 36 The Journal of Antiques and Collectibles July T he success of the Aladdin lamp is based on superior performance compared to other kerosene lamps.

Drum Lamp Shade Frame An idea only of exquisitely high interiors. This wall of windows represents traditional elegance at its best. This wall of windows lovely compliments the rounded shape of the wall, evoking associations with the masterpieces of Roman architecture. Tasteful pendant lamp mounted on wooden frame and covered with clear glass. Perfect as main or additional source of light for each room as needed. Classic form and elegant design. It offers the shade that swivels to direct the light perfectly and can be plugged into the wall outlet.

Check it out and enjoy the brand new design in your house or office, no matter what is your preferred style. Millbridge 1 Light Mini Pendant This mini pendant light should be hung to the ceiling, preferably with a hook. The shade can accommodate one watt incandescent bulb. The height is adjustable.

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This includes everything from small finger-lamps to multicolored banquet lamps. New lamps continue to be made overseas as well as here in America. The new kerosene lamps are generally quite good quality. Like any other mass produced items, however, pattern detail and overall quality vary from piece to piece. One of the catalogs from a new lamp wholesaler claims its lamps “were made using the original antique lamps as models. Font-to-Base Joints The easiest first test to catch new glass lamps is to simply expose them to black light.

Complete Kerosene and Oil Lamps. Does seeing a kerosene lantern take you back to the days of sitting around the campfire at your grandparents’ cabin? Maybe you are lucky enough to still have that same one. If you don’t, and you’d like to add one to your home, Antique Lamp Supply can help with that.

But even “the city that never sleeps” had only 1, electric street lights to its 26, gas lamps by The earliest electric lights were in the form of arc lights. These lights evolved throughout the 19th century as the dominant form of lighting. Due to their undiffused light and noisy, sputtering sounds, the arc lamp was largely abandoned in the s. Early arc lamps had straight posts and clear glass housing, often resembling the gas lights they replaced. The designs were decorative, particularly in commercial locations.

They generally date from the s s. In the pre-automobile years, straight posts with single lamps were found, as seen in the leftmost image below. Image courtesy of American City, When lamps are paired and extending from brackets, as seen in the rigphpost image above, they likely date after the widespread use of the automobile. As well, groupings of lamps were often found on bridges or in front of civic buildings in this time period, as seen in the image below.

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