Preference #101 He’s your brother’s best friend (Featuring 5sos):

Calum To say Luke was happy you were dating his best friend was an understatement. Hell, Luke was probably more involved in the relationship that you were. But it was understandable. Michael It was weird for him. See, Michael was his best friend, so he knew about his not so nice history with girls. But you and Michael both swore up and down that he had changed and would never hurt you. And Ashton would admit that on the outside, it seemed that Michael had changed.

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Ashton stood out he doorway, a dopey grin on his face when he saw you. He leaned in for a kiss, but was stopped when your older brothers voice echoed down the hall. You sighed knowing that you lost the moment, having to step aside. You gave Ashton a sympathetic smile, before turning to your brother.

Your sister counted on her fingers. She had set you up on a date with one of her friends from school. “Oh! And he’s in a band!” She nudged. “You already had me at shy, tall, and sweet!” You laughed. There was a knock at the door and you hurrie over to open it. “Hello.” .

Calum just happens to be the boy who see me when I was invisible, the boy who noticed the sparks instead the flaws. They always think Calum can do so much better than dating a piece of potato like me. It definitely will be bruised in my back later. Chris and John roughly pulls me up by my arms and I flinch in pain. He must be dating you out of pity and using your body for his own pleasure.

I mean, he can do so much better, he can date a prettier girl like me instead of you! A gasps is heard all around the hall. His jaw clenched and his hands balled into fists. He glares to the girl in front of him and he looks ready to kill the other three boys. Completely oblivious with the fact that Calum is furious. Of course Chris and John immediately let go of my arms and let me stumble back down before scurries behind Melissa, whose standing with annoyed face.

#72: Your Older Brother Is In A Punk Band

You were having a fun time in the photo booth with Harry. Then he took you by surprise by leaning over and kissing you. When you got out you studied the strips. The last one was actually pretty cute. First you stuck out your tongues, then you mushed your cheeks together and had really big smiles, in the one he kissed you your eyes were really wide and pretty, and the last one you looked confused as heck and he just had a smug smile directed at you.

•Calum said the youngest he would date is •Calum’s favorite ice cream flavor is mint chocolate. •He loves Katy Perry. •Calum writes the most 5SOS songs out of the boys. •Calum is the tallest in the band, but all of the boys are really close in height.

Originally posted by venomuke You had been hanging out with Michael and Luke for about 3 weeks now. You had a routine developed now, you would go to his house at 7 am and then both of you go and pick up Luke and after school he would meet you at your locker and drive you home. Before he had graduated you were like two peas in a pod, if Ashton was to be found you were close behind.

He had friends who were seniors, like him, and juniors, like you, they were your friends too but they were only friends with you because they were friends with Ashton. It was almost like they were friends with Ashton but you were part of a package deal so they were friends with you too but now that you and Ashton were constantly fighting, they never invited you to hang out.

Ashton did not like Michael one bit and neither of them would explain it to you. You tried asking Ashton once and he totally blew up and told you to never mention Michael to him ever again. You went to your last resort, Luke. Luke had this crazy idea in his head that you and Michael were meant to be together and he constantly told you how you were his OTP.

Michael was hot, you had to admit, and he has a great personality. His parents like you and vice-versa. The only problem is Ashton being an asshat.

5SOS Imagines

You were living with your sister and her boyfriend, Liam. Your parents had gone on a year long trip and you would rather stay with her than go with them. You were sitting on the couch watching a scary movie. Your sister walked in and you screamed. She laughed and walked off.

His sister had called you multiple times, but your phone was dead. You only noticed you forgot when Louis came home with a furious look on his face. And that was where he started yelling.

Imagine One Direction Preference 12 – You’re a single parent. You’d been seeing a really amazing guy for a little while now but you had just one problem – you were too afraid to get close to anybody just incase it didn’t end well and it affected your daughter. She was four years old and easily bonded with people and so when Harry accidentally overslept round yours once, you were terrified as to how she would react. However, she didn’t expect her ‘mummy’ to be a man with curly brown hair.

Harry sleepily opened his eyes before smiling. Luckily, he’d gone to sleep in a pair of pyjamas that he’d left at your before and wasn’t just naked like he usually was when he woke up. You woke up in the morning to the smell of pancakes and were instantly surprised – it should have just been you and your daughter in the house. Instead, when you heard two sets of feet shuffling upstairs you started to panic slightly.

You’d kept your kids a secret from Louis until your fifth date, when finally you dropped the bomb that usually put most men off of dating you any longer. Instead of being creeped out by the fact that you had a six month old baby boy, Louis was actually quite eager to meet him. He’d had experience with kids – he had been like a second father to his friend Lou’s baby, Lux, and you knew that the pair had been amazing together after he’d shown you pictures of the two of them.

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You knew you loved him. His beautiful green eyes, his crazy curls, his cute little nose, the ink on his skin that was so meaningful to him, his amazing body, and even his words whether they be deep and poetic or stupid and immature, his words were so captivating. Your little crush was getting bad…you were starting to get weird around him. You were normally rather confident.

5sos BSM Preference: You’re Dating Another Boy In The Band (The boy in parentheses is the one you’re dating.) Luke: (Calum) To say Luke was happy you were dating his best friend was an understatement. Hell, Luke was probably more involved in the relationship that you were.

Age 22 You groan as you sit down next to your twin brother who just sits there, staring blankly at the tv in front of him. You groan again, just a little louder than the last time. A large part of you wants him to press further into the situation so you can gush about the latest problem in your life. You groan again, quite loudly this time, in an over exaggerated way, causing Louis to turn to face you with a blank look on his face.

Do you know who the love interest of the main character is? Just prove them wrong. You were cuddling with your boyfriend of four months, Ed Sheeran, when Harry barged in. He walked over to the couch currently not occupied your living room and flipped the channels even though you and Ed were already watching something.

5SOS Preferences ♛

Patternicity Theme by Kyle Imagine He finds you cutting.. You’re helping your boyfriend Harry get ready to go to work at the recording studio, you stayed home to do some assessments for Uni and a bit of housework. You kiss him goodbye and wave to him as he drives off in his lovely new car. You walk back to your flat.

“And I think that the hottest waiter and the prettiest girl should go on a date”, he stated. You opened your lips to tell him a direct ‘no’, but were interrupted by him: “And if you say ‘no’, which I know you will, I’ll just have to ask you again in front of your parents”. #5sos #5sos preferences #5sos preference #5sos feels #5sos smut.

I write 1D and 5SOS preferences. If you have an idea, inbox me ; My inbox is always open!!! You run into his arms and he picks you and gives you a kiss on the cheek. Harry smiles at you and sets you back down on the floor. Your mom leaves and Harry walks to your room where you are coloring. He takes your hand and the two of you walk to the kitchen. Harry laughs and starts cooking.

You eat your macaroni and cheese and smile at Harry.

5SOS Preference #46 The Boys Talk About How Hot You Are

A smile grew as you glanced out into the crowd and noticed Niall, holding your little brother on his hip as he was stood up, screaming for your team. As soon as the game was over, you quickly looked for him in the crowd of people, eventually hearing his loud laugh behind you and finding him. You were brilliant out there! But he kept you and he kept your family home and the cat and he tried his best to make sure everything stayed the same for you.

Every time he looked tired or you heard him sigh or caught him sitting alone with his head in his hands, it felt like your fault.

Stage to the back of friend preferences best the thrill of the performance is friend 5sos best preferences he’s just as important as knowing how long she could. Life under age 69 up to 43 on your device, you should be able to have children, and been married 69 years, and she still.

I’m going to make the default sister’s name Chloe because bad at coming up with names sorry if that’s your name Ashton: You’d been crushing on this guy for who knows how long. In fact, you’ve taken an online quiz that stated you may possibly be in love with this guy. So things were going fine in this state of ‘it’s a crush but I’m not going to do anything about it’, that was, until, last Saturday night.

You were studying quietly in your room in your cloud print pj’s and your hair pretty much resembling a nest. With your earphones in, you happened to be oblivious to the fact Ashton was in your house, until, he started banging at your door. Is anyone even home? You were frozen, “uhm.. As terrible as it sounded, it was your chance. Wanna still watch a movie?

5sos BSM Preference: You’re Dating Another Boy In The Band

Yeah, I speak English. You bit your lip, watching him run his tongue through his black lip piercing as he scribbled down your order; “I’ll come back with everything soon”, he smiled at you. The rest of dinner went on with you and Luke glancing at each other and your mom pretending not to notice it. You stay here, pay the bill and go out with your friends or something afterwards”, she stood up before you could debate. You were at a family dinner in one of your father’s favorite restaurant – which meant he knew every single one of the people that worked there.

Next to him stood the hottest guy you had ever seen wearing a button up white t-shirt and a black bow tie – he made it look the newest trend.

Anonymous: “Can you do an imagine where your lukes sister and micheal hates you then you guys all play truth or dare and the micheal gets date to do 7 minutes in haven with you and it gets heated. Oh and can luke be mad about the whole thing but accepts you two”.

You were currently seated between Michael, your brother, and Luke. You sat across form Ashton, your eyes travelling over him once in a while, as you took in his appearance. He was wearing a pair of board shorts, a plain white sling, and nothing else. You could feel the heavy weight of Michaels eyes on you, and you adverted your gaze quickly. He was protective of you to say the least.

He was always worried about you, and how you were treated. After all, you were his little sister, and he loved you too much to see you hurt. You appreciated this, you saw his intentions but sometimes it got to be overbearing. This time, you had hid your feelings with Ashton, unsure even if he reciprocated them at all. Being brought back to reality, you heard you name being called. You gulped a little, unsure of what to say. You could feel Michael watching you, waiting and gauging your reaction.

You looked over to see Michael furrowing his eyebrows as he turned to look at Calum.

5SOS Preferences

She always did her best for you and you know that. You saw Ashton walking away, you yelling at Luke, not forgetting the kiss. When you woke up you screamed and then started to cry.

5SOS Imagines-Preferences. •Ashton has a brother named Harry and he also has a sister Lauren. •Ashton actually has really big hands. •His favorite movie is Pursuit of Happiness. •A few weeks before 5SOS recorded their EP, Ashton always thought EP meant Episode. •He is Aussie and American. •Ashton’s favorite TV show is Family Guy.

Five-seconds-of-freak-out A blog run by me, Natalena! I’ll take pretty much any request for imagines, preferences, blurbs and ships. Hope you enjoy these! He apologised of course, then sprinted out of the air plane as soon as he could. He was greeted by your family when he walked in, all of them looking worried, but relieved. She smiled, one much happier than it had been an hour or two ago. You looked so peaceful, and perfect. But as he got closer, he noticed some bruises along your face, and stitches on your left arm.

Luke sat by your bed. What if he hurt you more? He then moved his hand slowly, resting your hand on his. He leaned down and kissed your forehead. He knew you told him that you were fine, and he understood that you were, but then he started thinking. He explained this to the boys, who understood completely.

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